Would you like to contribute or do you want to share some of your experiences (good or bad)? Would you like to pass on some of your knowledge? I believe every published contribution will make projection design better for everyone. Please submit to one or more of the following categories:

Project: Every published project is added to the timeline in chronological order. This will accumulate to become a history of projection design and a great reference point for productions of all levels. Currently, the earliest project is from 1958. Ideally, this site will present projects from the widest possible range from high school productions to stadium shows. You may submit from any part of the world, just kindly do so in English.

Article: If you feel strongly about a subject, please write about it. Current examples include descriptions of specific projects, tutorials and opinions, but there is room for much more. Reviews of equipment, software, tools of the trade are welcome as well. Current categories include Process, Point of View and Tutorial, but these may expand and change with time.

Keys: definitions and explanations of jargon and terminology.

What excites you in this field of work or what upsets you? This area is vast and very little is published. I am happy to supply some ideas.

Please get in touch with me: contact-at-projctn-dot-com