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Finn Ross
Finn Ross: "The show tells the story of Christopher Boon’s quest to discover who killed Wellington, his neighbors Dog, as his investigations go on more mysteries unfold eventually taking him to London to find his Mother whom he thought dead.  Christopher is autistic and sees the world differently.
The video in the show is used to highlight Christopher's unique point view of the world and the problems he has with processing everyday information we take for granted.  He finds great comfort in numbers so the design is evolved out of numbers and breaking the world down in to clear and simple graphic layers sometimes exploding into a violent surge with fantastic movement sequences by Scott Graham and Steven Hogart of Frantic Assembly.
At other time lines lead Christopher around the stage appear both projected in in a grid of LED’s fitted with into the floor and walls of the set.  This system of LED could be pixel mapped by both video and lighting simultaneously.
The show was originally staged in the round in August 2012 at the National Theatre in the Cottesloe to a run that was sold out before the show even opened.  In March 2013 is then transferred to the Apollo Theatre on Shaftsbury Avenue in a redesigned end-on configuration which is now running in the Gielgud Theatre .  In the redesign process we had to add 4 more outputs, 1 for each of the new walls the were added and another unit to cover the upstage wall when it tracks all the way down stage.  All of the content needed to be altered as well to match the new resolutions and to take into account the vertical dimension that previously did not exist. "
In 2013 the show won Best New Play, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Set Design (including video), Best Lighting Design & Best Sound Design.