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This 2011 production of Singin' In The Rain opened at Chichester Festival Theatre before an 18-month run in the Palace Theare, West End. It is due to tour from November 2013.
 Singin' In The Rain has an explicit requirement for video footage - as a show about two silent movie stars making the crossover to the talkies, there are various silent films to make, as well as 'film studio' cut scenes. As a major West End show, the intention was very much to make these period-accurate and cinema quality, and so the film shoot for the show features Three Musketeers-style swordfights shot on location in a castle, 'outdoor' scenes in front of a painted backdrop on a sound stage, and interaction between overdubbed voices, music playback and the live orchestra on stage.
 The design is deceptively simple, though due to the number of understudies and the presence of all three main characters in all of the films, we shot each film nine times, and overdubbed each of those three times, giving us 27 possible versions of the show. All of these are re-shot and edited every time a recast occurs.